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Last weekend 5 people cried on my shoulder. 

It wasn’t because it they were sad…

It was because they had overcome the massive challenge of completing a marathon. 

The tears represented:

  • ·        Pride
  • ·        Fatigue
  • ·        Feeling on top of the world

·        Realising that they had achieved something that was so hard!

These were powerful interactions which showed the value of doing something extremely hard in your life.

Inspired by last weekend, I thought I would create a video explaining the 4 things to do if you are going to take on an extremely hard challenge. Something that I believe is a good thing for every person to do. 

Watch the video to learn the lessons. 

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Do you know what one of the main reasons is as to why people quit when they are trying to achieve something?

It’s because they don’t feel they are making progress.

It makes sense, if you are putting the effort in but you aren’t seeing the results you want, it becomes less appealing to stick at it.  


I think that one of the biggest problems that works against people is…


They are blind to their progress. They are doing well but they just don’t see it.

A great example of this was with one of our runners this week. They were feeling despondent with their running because they felt they weren’t making progress.

When I got them to look at their running stats, it turned out they had just run a 5km personal best.


If you want to have stickability in achieving a goal, you must become great at seeing and owning your own success.

In this week’s video
, I share 4 ways you can become better at owning and enjoying your success, so you keep on your path to the growth you want.

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Are you the kind of person who sometimes has the ‘two biscuits lead to the whole packet’ problem?

…and perhaps struggles to close the door on temptation once you go past a certain point?

If you are, you are not alone!

The problem is
, when we go to this place it can lead to unhealthy outcomes, weight gain, feeling crap about ourselves, and sometimes even bigger costs.

I have
3 strategies I use to manage my temptations and they have helped me become someone who very rarely goes to an unhealthy place.

In this week’s video I share these strategies with you and teach you how you can apply them to your life
so when you are confronted with temptation, you can manage it in a healthier way.

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I have one main insecurity…concern about future security.  

It comes from being a small business owner.

Although evidence shows that things will be fine, there are moments where the future seems unclear and uncertain. 

Last week I started using a tool that seems to have removed this fear and uncertainty when this insecurity rears its head and has instead, created excitement about our future.

I’m finding it to be a very powerful tool so this week I want to share it with you. Check out my latest video to learn the tool and see how you may be able to apply it to your life.

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