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On this episode I have an interview with Eric Barker. He's the author of  Barking Up The Wrong Tree - The surprising science behind why everything you know about success is (mostly) wrong.

Eric shares many of the lessons from his great book. 

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Do you ever find yourself thinking 'here I am again' when you have failed at trying to create change in your life? For many people they experience this over and over again which teaches them that they can't trust themselves, that change is not possible. 

In this episode I talk about this idea and introduce a way where you can build trust in your life, so you can believe in yourself in the areas where you want to grow and actually create the change you desire. 

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Lately I have had three lessons in my life that I feel will help me in being content in how I live my life. On this episode I share these lessons with you. Hopefully these lessons can help you in being content. 

On this episode I sit down with Sean Barnes and Kieran Sutherland to talk about men's mental health. The conversation covers what you should do if your mental health is getting on top of you, how as a friend you can support those around you, and other insights into this important area.

If you worry about your health and aren't addressing the real areas you need to be working on in your life this show is for you. 

First of all I address how protecting yourself from the judgement of others may actually enable you to avoid the real work you need to be doing on yourself.

From there I talk about people who are healthy in their behaviours but they live in doubt and worry about their health. This is actually creating an unhealthy person so it's an area that needs to be worked on. 

Feel free to share the show with your world.

On this show I dig deep into two different topics. First of all I talk about how you should trust yourself when you are consistently using good tools in your life. Then I talk about how accountability can massively influence your choices when you put in at the right time in your thinking process. I think you will enjoy this one. 

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On this episode I look to the idea of 'living today based on insecure decisions from the past' and what is the cost of this on your life today. More importantly I address how you can move forward from this place. If you feel your past decisions are holding you back make sure you listen to my latest episode.

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Beth Rosen is a Registered Dietitian who focuses on a non-judgemental, non-diet approach to wellness by teaching a 'healthy is an inside job' approach. Her fresh approach allow people to look at their 'whole self' and develop tools to allow them to be a healthy person. On this episode we dig deep into this topic. 

You can check out Beth's website by clicking here: You can sign up for more information about her course by clicking here:

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When we are at our best we are often holding ourselves to high personal standards. There are many things that can let these standards slip, one of them can be the influence of others. On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I share an experience where a friend of mine was let down by a role model and how that had the potential to allow my friend to drop their standards, which would have come at a cost to what is important to keeping them in a good place. I also talk about how to avoid these situations in your life. 

In this episode I have an interview with the authors of 'The Brave Athlete - Calm the f*ck down and rise to the occasion' Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson.

They share many of the areas that athletes need to develop on the mental side of their game and the tools that help them progress. 

When we have times of struggle in our lives there can be destructive behaviours that come out. These can have a massive cost on our lives, on both a surface and deeper level. For some people these destructive behaviours can keep them in a negative place for the majority of their day to day life. If we know this is what we do we need to make this an area to work on. In this episode I dig deep into this topic and address the idea of 'minimising the damage' of your destructive times. 


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Most of us have limits in certain areas of our lives. If we could overcome them we could be open to actions that would have a massive impact on our path forward. In todays episode I talk about how we can 'fake it till we make it' in these areas by using tools that build experieneces that in turn build confidence. If you know you limit yourself this is for you. 

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Go to for this weeks show notes. 

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On this episode I have an interview from the past with the Author of The End of Overeating, David A Kessler MD. David served as commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration under presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. He is a pediatrician and has been the dean of the medical schools at Yale and the University of California, San Francisco. A graduate of Amherst College, the University of Chicago Law School, and Harvard Medical School. 

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Go to for the notes for this episode. 

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On this episode I have an interview with Jack Lesyk. Jack is a world leading sport psychologist. He is a past president of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. In our interview Jack shares his nine mental skills of successful athletes. These are build on top of The Performance Pyramid. He gives a great insight into what it takes to perform and how you go about approaching the mental side of it. You can check out Jack's website by going here:

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On this episode I dig into the idea of how protecting yourself from hurt in your life can actually end up hurting you more, and if you know you are doing this how can you move forward to free yourself in these areas. 

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In this episode I have John Young on the show. He was the first person with dwarfism to complete an Ironman. He is such an inspirational person. You can follow John on twitter by clicking here. 

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On this episode I dig deep into three topics, they include: Is being dishonest about yourself hurting your life?, How good are you at feeling uncomfortable?, and are you participating in life? I give my thoughts on all of these topics and challenge you to think about them in your life. 

Go to for the show notes for this episode. 

Recently I've released a 3 Free video series as a part of My 5k Dream. As a part of this I ask people what is their biggest fears around trying to run 5k. Some of the answers I have gotten back have opened me up to areas of struggle around exercise that I had never thought of in the past. On this episode I share some of the areas where I gained insight and my thoughts on these. 

On the show I mentioned, My 5k Dream. Go to to get my 3 Free Video Series. 

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On this show I dig into the topic of self-efficacy. It's an area that gives a lot of insight into how to create change in the areas where you may stay away from in your life. 


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Often we have areas of our lives that we are trying to improve on, so we develop a plan to improve in these areas. While this is a good idea it seems that there needs to be a deeper level of thinking before we get to the planning stage, we need to understand what is the real problem we need to solve. On this episode I go deep into this topic and share some interesting experiences, that I have had recently, that have taught me a lot about this. 

On the show I mention my new product, My 5k Dream. Go to to download my free Cheat Sheet - The 7 Proven Steps for women between the ages of 35-55 to achieve the amazing goal of running 5k! 

When you think about your mind space, how much time do you feel you waste in your life on areas that aren't that important to you in the big picture? If you had a switch that could shut off 'wasted thinking time' in your life and would allow you to be free to use your mind energy in ways that were empowering for you and your world, how would this be different to your current experience? On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I dig deep into this topic and I give some tools that can help you move to a place where you are spending more your mind energy on the right areas for your life. 

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On this episode I share my thoughts on how we prioritise our life, dealing with change, and I challenge you to think about how you can allow others to be themselves when they are around you. 

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If you have listened to The Bevan James Eyles show for a while you will know that I have a mentor that has always been a massive influence in my life. This man is Chris Waugh. Chris is a leading school teacher who has developed some amazing ways to help teenages achieve levels that many didn't think were possible. On this episode I talk to Chris about how to get the most out of people.

You can check his website here:

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Being the beginning of the year we often think about the change that we want to create but for most people this change never comes. I thought I would put a challenge on this episode that you can focus on for the first month of this year, which could set you on the right path for the rest of 2017. Check it out and let me know how you go. 

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