The Bevan James Eyles Show - The Fitness Behaviour Podcast

News: Results and coming up races, John’s short course update.

Interview: We have Gordo back on the show. He covers 5 key aspects of his comeback. 

Coaches Corner: John looks back on an article he wrote 20 years ago to see if it still holds up.

Age Grouper of the Week: Matt Facey sent through Regan Hollioake.

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In my last video for the year, I am going to share the three massive (kind of life-transforming) lessons that I have learnt this 2023.

These lessons are ones that I'll be carrying with me for the rest of my life.

If you would like to learn these lessons, watch this video. 

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Have you had a leader in your life who had a life-changing impact on you? 

How important was this person to you?

Great leaders have a massive impact on the world and on us as individuals. This can be an amazing coach, a manager, an organisational leader, or a connection that guides us to great heights.

While great leaders are immensely important, many people struggle to lead when in these positions. 

They may:

    Shy away from the opportunity

    Go about things the wrong way

    Create damage, not empowerment, in the relationship.

Unfortunately, this can lead them to disengage from leading others.

Having led thousands of people for over 20 years, I've learned a thing or two about how to help people get the best out of themselves.

I believe there are four key tools/understandings you must have if you want to be a leader who can have a massive impact.

In this week’s video, I share four tips on how to become an impactful leader, enabling you to create life-changing shifts in others.

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Do you exercise regularly but aren’t getting the results you want?

Maybe you…

  • -        Consistently turn up
  • -        Consistently do the workouts

But you aren’t seeing the change you want. 

This is frustrating and can be unmotivating. 

There are lots of reasons why this happens, but I feel there are 4 main ones. 

This week I share 4 key reasons people why don’t get the results they want, and what you need to do to overcome these.

If you want to get better results, make sure you watch this video.

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