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Last weekend we had the Christchurch Marathon. It was an amazing day for our half marathon group.


We had the most PB’s we have ever had and some people had ‘once in a lifetime performances’.


I’ve been reflecting on why we had so many great performances within our team. There are things we know…


Our group training helps people get to their next level.

Our coaches are experienced and are amazing at guiding and supporting our runners.

Our runners care about each other and want each other to succeed.

Our programme prepares our runners for success.


After reflecting on this, and those of our runners who nailed their race, I realised there was a key to their performance that was common across these runners and it can teach us an important lesson about high performance.  


In this week’s video I teach you how you can become a higher performer in areas of your life that are important to you.

If you want to go to the next level, watch this video.

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In New Zealand, the Covid lockdown period had a positive effect on many people’s fitness.


A lot of people who didn’t normally exercise suddenly had more time, so they used this time to go for a walk, a run or do some other form of exercise.


People were getting fitter, feeling good about themselves physically, and enjoying the benefits of regular exercise.


This could have been a life changing time….


But when life went back to normal what do you think happened?


These people fell away from the exercise habit they had built.


This lockdown period teaches some really valuable lessons around why people aren’t exercising and how things need to be done differently.


In this week’s video, I teach you a better way to approach bringing exercise into your life, in a way that can be maintained no matter what the conditions of your life may be.


If you aren’t exercising, you want to watch this video.

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The last quarter of a half marathon is tough.


As a coach, I want to make sure our half marathon runners know how to respond in a way that will:


1. Deliver the result they want

2. Help them make the best decisions in these tough moments

3. Get them to the finish line in a way they can be proud of


We have a mental technique we teach our runners which helps them win these tough moments and it’s very simple and effective!

This week I teach you this technique so you can get better at ‘winning’ tough moments in your life.

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