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There are a lot of people out there who want to live a passionate life but for some reason, they aren’t.

This may be due to a number of reasons such as…

  • Not knowing what they are passionate about
  • Having so many life commitments that they don’t have the time or energy
  • They have given up on thinking that a passionate life is possible

Are you in this place? If so, would you like to change it?

If you want to create change, we need to put a framework in place that takes you from where you are right now to where you want to get to.

While there are a few hurdles to get over, to me, there’s one that stands out as one of the biggest limiters…

It’s that you have put the worst version of yourself into the time you need to develop this side of your life.

For example, you plan to put work into developing your passion at the end of the work day…

Often when you are tired and unfocused, which can mean you procrastinate and put it off.

This can lead to a place where you don’t make progress which reinforces to you that you can’t lead a passionate life.

In this week’s video, I share how you can set yourself up for success so your passionate life project gets the best version of you and the progress it deserves.

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One of the hardest parts of creating change is taking the hard actions when we feel resistance.

We know…

  • What we need to do
  • How we need to do it

But the resistance we can sometimes feel stops us from taking action.

I think one of the reasons for this is the story we build up in our head.

Have you ever…

  • Talked yourself out of the action you know you need to take?
  • Justified why ‘now is not the right time’ to take action?
  • Made the action almost seem impossible to do?

If we want to grow or create change, we need to take action. We need to consistently do the hard things, even when we feel resistance.

In this week’s video I want to share with you one powerful motivational tool that I use that helps me take action when I feel resistance. This is a tool that I’ve taught many people to use and it’s proving to be a winner.

If you want to get better at doing the hard things, watch this video.

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A few years ago I did an interview with one of the greatest triathletes of all time, a guy by the name of Peter Reid.

This 3 x world Ironman champion was known to be…

  • An extremely tough athlete
  • Driven to do whatever it took to win
  • Able to endure ‘hurt’ more than other high-level athletes

In this interview, he talked about his driving motivation which was…

To prove to his father that he was worth something.

Peter talked about what motivated him but his insight was more about how his motivation was unhealthy for him.

He also shared an amazing moment where he lost all of his athletic motivation…

It was when his father sent him a letter telling him he was proud of him.

This interview opened up the idea of questioning if the motivation we have is healthy, because sometimes what we are chasing isn’t good for us.

In this week’s video, I share Peter’s story and explore the idea of questioning if your motivation is good or bad for you and what you can do if it’s working against you.

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You may have heard David Goggins, the guy is a fitness freak!


  • Has been a Navy Seal
  • Has held the world record for pull-ups
  • Is an ultra-marathon runner and ultra-distance cyclist

You’d think that someone like me, who absolutely loves fitness, would be inspired by Goggins.

But I’m not…

The reason is because all I ever hear from David Goggins is about what he has done.

While he’s clearly a bloody impressive human who I would have been inspired by in my twenties, I no longer get inspiration from people like this.

Nowadays, I’m inspired by a different type of person.

The type of people I get inspired by still achieve amazing things, they just do it in different ways.

In this week’s video I share where I get inspiration from, the type of people I want to surround myself with, to learn from, and to ultimately be one day in the future.

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A couple of weeks ago I shared with you how I’m working through a back injury.

My main aims during this time are to:

  • Get back to normal in the wisest way possible
  • Minimise the damage that could be done during this time e.g. not putting on unnecessary weight due to unfocused eating.

While these are just a couple of my focuses, this time has also reinforced the importance of the self-development work I’ve done over the last 10 years.

You see, if I had this injury in my early thirties, I would probably have felt…

  • Lost and insecure
  • That I had to keep exercising in ways that would work against my injury getting better
  • A threat to my life and career

Luckily for me when I was thirty, I realised that I was too one-dimensional as a person.

I was amazing at exercise but that was about it.

At this time I realised I needed to develop new sides of myself, to develop lots of ‘esteem points’.

Now that I’m in a place where I can’t exercise how I like to, these different ‘esteem points’ make it easier for me to make the best decisions around my injury.

In this week’s video I share how I discovered that I needed to develop myself, what I did after that discovery, and how it’s helping me right now.

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