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In February, I had a client I was coaching for running tell me they were ready to quit their goals.

They were…

- Not fitting all their training in

- Feeling unmotivated

- Not getting the results they wanted

- Ready to move on from running completely 

While sometimes people do need to move on from certain areas of their lives, I thought it’s worth giving it one more shot with this person.

I put my thinking cap on and developed a new way of approaching this person’s training.

It’s been a total success. Now they are…

- Achieving every session

- Feeling on fire with their training

- Getting amazing results

In this week’s video, I share with you the change in approach I used that has helped this person go from being ready to quit completely to being on fire with their exercise goals.

I recently interviewed leading performance physiologist, Dr Greg Wells.

He’s brought out a book called Powerhouse.

It’s about how to use scientifically proven techniques to improve energy in our life.

The book is based on techniques in these four areas:

1. Breathe

2. Move

3. Energize

4. Thrive

In my interview, he shared a concept about how to get more ‘Thrive’ energy in our life.

As Greg was talking to me, I was thinking ‘I love this concept’.

So, in this week’s show, I’m sharing a technique that you can use to get more thriving energy into your life.

I’ve been working with someone who has made phenomenal progress in their life.

When they came to me they:

  • Felt they weren’t at the level they needed to be
  • Had impostor syndrome
  • Felt limitations on the possibilities within their life

Through our time working together, this person is now in a place where they:

  • Are a strong leader having massive impact
  • Have massively shifted their self-perception about themselves
  • Have ambition about their future

While I have helped guide this person’s growth, my part is only 1% of the reason they have shifted so much.

Looking at the reasons for their success, there are two factors that have been crucial and have enabled their growth and ensures their development moving forward.

In this week’s podcast, I want to share with you the two things this person has continuously done to create an amazing life for themselves.

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Are you good at communication?

Actually, let’s go to the next level.

Are you good at communication when it comes to helping others get to a higher level?

This can be…

- With young people in your life

- With people you are mentoring

- With your friends and family

A lot of people aren’t great at this because they make these two mistakes:

- They just want to share their own experience: “Here’s what happened to me in this situation’

- They just want to problem solve for the other person: ‘Here’s what you need to do’

- Great communicators use proven techniques that help guide others to place where new possibilities and pathways open up.

Think about your own life...

​​​I can 100% guarantee that there have been moments of change that came from a key conversation.

In this week’s podcast I’m going to share a leadership communication technique that I learnt years ago that has had a massive impact on how I can help others get to their higher level. It can help you help others in powerful ways.