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I have an insecurity around my piano playing…


It’s that I don’t think I will ever be good at playing by ear.


This holds me back from practicing because when I do spend time trying to play by ear my inner voice says…


‘You are not good at this so why even try’.

This leads to me…


  • Struggling to stay focused on what I’m trying to practice
  • Telling myself that I can’t do it
  • Moving towards quitting

This creates an experience where I don’t get better, which reinforces my insecurity.


Lately, I’ve developed a plan that helps me overcome this, and it’s working.

I’m moving away from this insecurity and am actually getting better at playing by ear.


In this week’s video, I share a deeper level of my experience and teach you the technique I’m using which is helping. 

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A lot of us have struggled with our devices. Although there is clearly value in having them, they can also…

  • Be massive time wasters

  • Cause mindless use of our energy

  • Have negative impacts on us in social ways (comparison, misrepresentation, FOMO etc..) 

The problem is, we also need some of the tools that come with them.

Recently I discovered a massive issue that I have…

If I had an important task I needed to do on my phone, I was often wasting 5-10mins of my time during the process of dealing with the task itself.

For example:

  • I had a work message I had to respond to on Facebook Messenger

  • Once I was in the App, I would spend 5-10mins scrolling

  • So this usual 1-minute task ended up taking up to 10 minutes 

When I reflect upon my day, this wastage of time was probably costing me around 40-50 minutes and there was no real value in my ‘scrolling’, I could definitely spend my time on better things.

So I knew I need to address this.

I came up with a strategy, which is really simple, that has dramatically reduced the time I waste on my device. 

In this week’s video, I share this strategy with you so if you are like me, you can be more conscious of the time you may be wasting on your device and spend that time in better, more rewarding ways.

When we have moments of success we gain a lot.

  • Feel good about ourselves

  • Experience the feeling of having a stronger identity

  • Get to have a rewarding experience

In these moments of success, we want to experience as many benefits as possible but sometimes we do things that work against us achieving this outcome.  

Two of the main ways we do this are:

  • We diminish our success. This is the ‘yes, but…’ problem. 

  • We rush past the success. This is where you don’t take the time to experience, recognise and feel the full learnings of your success.

Recently, I had an experience with one of our runners who rushed passed their success which meant they missed the opportunity to see themselves in a different and more empowering light.

In this week’s podcast, I share what happened and I teach what you can do in your moments of success, so you can experience all the powerful benefits that these moments offer us. 

Do you have areas in your life where you may limit your experiences because you feel insecure?

You might...

  • Sit on the side-line wishing you could participate

  • Resist from trying new things in a particular area of your life

  • Deep down know you want to have experiences but don’t allow yourself because of an insecurity

If you do, you aren’t alone.

There’s a life that you want to reach for but your insecurity slaps your hand away.

We want to develop these areas so we allow ourselves to move towards growth.


  • You actually do have new experiences

  • You may learn that you are not as bad as you think in an area you felt insecure in

  • You have a life that is filled with experiences that you enjoy

In this week’s podcast, I share two strategies you can use if you feel you are holding yourself back from the experiences you know you want to move towards.

I was speaking to someone on the phone yesterday who had been very active at high school but had since fallen away from exercise.

She was aiming to get back into regular exercise but was making one big mistake which meant she...

  • Was lacking motivation
  • Wasn’t doing the work
  • Was close to the point of giving up

While this person had good intentions, it was clear to me that where she was putting her focus at this this stage of her journey was working against her. 

When I gave her some advice she said…

‘Stop, I need to get a pen to write this down’.

In this week’s podcast, I’m going to share the mistake she was making with her ‘first focus’ and the advice I gave her which will lead her to achieving much better results.