The Bevan James Eyles Show - The Fitness Behaviour Podcast

If you worry about your health and aren't addressing the real areas you need to be working on in your life this show is for you. 

First of all I address how protecting yourself from the judgement of others may actually enable you to avoid the real work you need to be doing on yourself.

From there I talk about people who are healthy in their behaviours but they live in doubt and worry about their health. This is actually creating an unhealthy person so it's an area that needs to be worked on. 

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On this show I dig deep into two different topics. First of all I talk about how you should trust yourself when you are consistently using good tools in your life. Then I talk about how accountability can massively influence your choices when you put in at the right time in your thinking process. I think you will enjoy this one. 

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On this episode I look to the idea of 'living today based on insecure decisions from the past' and what is the cost of this on your life today. More importantly I address how you can move forward from this place. If you feel your past decisions are holding you back make sure you listen to my latest episode.

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