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On this episode, I have an interview with High Performance Coach John Quinn

Here’s John’s Bio: John is currently working for High Performance Sport New Zealand, Crusaders Rugby, Mainland Tactix Netball, New Zealand Rugby, New Zealand Bowls, Canterbury Cricket and Christs’ College. Outside the sporting arena, John has worked with businesses and providing services such as leadership, interpersonal skill, mentoring and wellness within the workplace.

You can find John here:

On this episode, I cover two different topics: 

1. Diminishing your insults. This is about lessoning negative self-talk/perception so you can either let it go or focus on how to grow in that area.

2. The Distraction of Getting Started. Often we spend all of our time researching how to start an activity we would like to do, but we never start doing it. In this segment, I address this and give you ways to work through it so you actually do what you desire.

On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show, I have interviews with two of New Zealand’s top fitness professionals, Em Grault and Mandi Jones.

We cover some deep topics that give you insight into their own journeys and what they have learned in helping others be successful with exercise.

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Many of us spend too much time on our phones. There can be guilt and a feeling that we are 'wasting our lives' because of our phone habits. While there is a place in our lives for the phone we want to learn how to manage this so we can get what we need from it and then spend more time on what is really important to us. 

In this episode I go through some big changes I have created with my phone habits over the last period of time, and what I have gained by doing this. I also give some steps on how you can have a better relationship with your phone. 

Glenn Marsden has had a career in fitness and photography. His work has taught him a lot about helping people and has lead to his passion project, The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign. This is a project to create more awareness of mental health through photography.

In this interview, Glenn shares insight into fitness, mental health, and finding your passion.

Click here to see The Imperfectly Perfect Campaign.

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Jase Te Patu has been in the fitness industry for over a quarter of a century. He is an international yoga and meditation teacher trainer, facilitator, keynote speaker and creator of M3 - Mindfulness for Children aged 5-10 years.

In the past, Jase was a presenter/trainer for Les Mills International. He has also taught dance in schools throughout Aotearoa and traveled Australasia as a professional performer. 

On this episode, Jason shares his powerful philosophy on health and fitness and how he's helping others to be more healthy in their lives. 

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When we are trying to change or grow in any area in our life there is one thing we need to be good at - improving our ability with effort. We not only need to be great with putting in effort we need to learn to enjoy it.

On my latest podcast, I teach you why this is important and the steps you can take to improve putting effort into the right areas in your life. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I have an interview with Mike Trott. Mike is a top fitness professional in the UK who is also in the academic world and is currently working on a study around exercise addiction.

We dig deep into this topic and Mike also shares some tips around how to be successful with your health and fitness.

Recently I've evolved a mindset tool that I have been using which is having a really powerful affect on me.

On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I share this tool with you so you can see if you want to start using it and experience the benefits and shifts that I am.

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I have an interview with Reon Nolan. Reon Nolan was one of New Zealand’s hardened criminals. He first went to jail as a young teenager. He spent a total of 18 years in institutions and jail. He was beaten, abused, involved in drugs and the very worst of crimes both in and out of jail.

Today Reon is one of the few that has been able to break the cycle. He is a highly accomplished cyclist and he spends most of his time now converting other young people from lives of crime into good members of the community. His personal mission is to provide food, shelter, clothing, love and care for those that come out of prison, often at his own expense and to make them proud members of the community. 

We dig into Reon's work on the show. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I talk about what has been happening in Christchurch, my city, over the last week and in the main part of the show I dig into what happens when you let fear drive your life. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I have an interview with Michael Hempseed. Michael is a highly sought after Professional Speaker. There are several topics which he speaks on but his favourite topic is overcoming failure. In addition to his speaking career he writes numerous articles that have been published in national newspapers and international websites. 

You can follow Michael here. You can get his new book 'Being a True Hero' by clicking here

On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I dig deep into the importance of boundaries in your life. So many people get to a place where they feel they are lost. This episode addresses this and teaches you how to put boundaries in place and get to a place where you are living a life that is healthy. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I have an interview with Dr Sven Hansen. Sven runs The Resilience Institute which specialises in resilience training. In the interview Sven shares what resilience is, why it is important, and how we can improve it in our lives. He also shares some deep insights around living a healthy life. You can find Sven’s work here:

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This episode of The Bevan James Eyles show addresses how to create change in your life. It has a focus on changing the areas where you have 'set in your ways' habits that could be improved but you resist. In the show Bevan teaches you a process that allows you to change these areas, so you can be more effective at what is important to you. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I have an interview with Dr Paul Woods. Paul has a fasinating story which started with a long term prison sentence. Within his prison time he turned his life around and trained in psychology. His academic focus has been on the relationships between people’s personalities and attributes, and how this knowledge can be used to better understand the complexity of human behaviour. The combination of personal experience and academic study has enabled Paul to identify and understand the universal steps towards achieving sustained and successful change.

On this show Paul shares many amazing insights from his life and from helping others. 

You can check out Pauls website here: 

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Recently I received a question about food addiction. I did a lot of research into how this works and what to do about it. While I was doing this I came across the work of Lance Dodes, M.D. He's a world leading thinker on addiction. On this months show I have an interview with Lance. He shares a lot of insight into this topic. 

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John Polley is a movement coach, educator and mentor who is passionate about helping people create a life where they are free to be themselves. John spends a lot of time creating education that teaches coaches and participants how to be successful around health and fitness. On this episode of the show John and I dig deep into some of the topics John is most passionate about. 

Here are the links that were mentioned in the interview: John's website, John's Facebook group, Christchurch Mentorship, Vibration Cert in Christchurch


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Wayne F Marriott is a conflict management and disputes resolution specialist who helps many corporations and individuals get better at dealing with challenging situations. He also has a passion for prison reform. On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show Wayne shares many insights on how to be successful in dealing with conflict in your life. 

You can get in contact with Wayne at:

On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I share many of the little nuggets of wisdom I learnt at a leadership workshop I did recently. 

Here are the websites I mentioned on the show:,

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On the latest episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I cover a couple topics that have been on my mind recently. First of all I talk about the importance of real human connection and then I introduce a concept called 'Personal Standard Statements'. These are a great way for you to see your strengths and also discover where you need to grow as a person. I also give you a way you can grow using 'Personal Standard Statements'. I hope you enjoy the show.  


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The latest episode of The Bevan James Eyles show has three different subjects. 

1. The amazing performance of Matt Russell

2. The Step Back Strategy. 

3. Can your world be a reflection of you if you are being true to yourself. 

There's a lot to think about with this episode. 

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Jen Pillipow is passionate about helping people find a healthy way to deal with their nutritional side of their lives. Her approach is to look at the mental approach and teach the tools and strategies that leads to sustainable change. On this episode Jen shares her experience and some of the tools she uses to help people create change. 

You can check out her podcast, Brain Boss, here

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In this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I look into the cost of looking for short term solutions to the change you desire. I also approach a better way of creating long term sustainable change. 


You can check out here. 

On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I introduce the concept of a 'Healthy High Performer'. If you feel you are lacking in your health (because life is to busy), either physically or mentally, you want to listen to this episode. 


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Questions can be the best tools to help us work on ourselves. They have the ability to get us to reflect in ways that open up discoveries that can move us forward. On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I share one of the hardest questions that I have ever had to confront. This is a challenging episode as it will make you reflect upon yourself in ways that you may have not thought of. 


On this episode I have an interview with Steve Gurney. Steve is one of the greatest endurance sports athletes of all time, winning the Coast to Coast adventure race 9 times. As well as being a top athlete Steve has worked as a coach/mentor, promoted active lives for childern, and has written books on his journey as a person. In this interview Steve shares many of the insights that live has taught him. 

You can find Steve's work at his website here:

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On this episode I introduce the 'Story telling tool'. This is a tool that can have a massive influence on the way you experience the world. In the show I share an experience where this tool helped me in a big way. 

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On this episode I introduce the 'Story telling tool'. This is a tool that can have a massive influence on the way you experience the world. In the show I share an experience where this tool helped me in a big way. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I have an interview with Brett Robbo. Brett has worked within High Performance Sport, has created a mental strenght training programme and is passionate about helping people develop themselves. Brett shares some amazing insights into what it takes to be your best.

You can check out Brett's work on his website: 

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I've been over in Germany doing some media work at an Ironman race. After I finished interviewing a lot of people I pushed record again and asked them these two questions - 1. What would advice would you give to a beginner exerciser about finding an exercise routine? 2. What does exercise bring to your life? 

Later on in the show I also have an interview with triathlon legend Erin Baker. This interview shows the wisdom that comes from someone who has spent their life growing as a person. 

On this episode I explore at how you look at things in life. More importantly I explore how this can limit you. From there I teach a method that allows you to see the world in a way that makes it work best for you.  

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Suli Tuitaupe is one of the biggest influences on my fitness career. He has an amazing ability to draw people to exercise and make it accessable to all levels. Suli is second to none with in his commitment to helping others lead a healthy lifestyle. In this interview Suli share some of his insight into how to have exercise in your life. 

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On this episode I talk about the concept called 'Moments of Motivation'. This is about you learning when you truly need motivation and what you need to do to be able to get through these times in the most successful way possible. Ideally if you can consistently win these you will be able to have long term success and growth. 

At the end of the episode I mention the Master Class for My 5k Dream. You can get it here:

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On this episode I introduce 'Bevan's Baby Steps for Movement'. The Baby Steps form the foundation of my commonsense advice on movement/exercise, and are the starting point for anyone ready to change their life from an unhealthy place to one where they are healthy.

Bevan's Baby Steps for Movement are:

Step 1: Learn how to get out the door. 

Step 2: Find a movement you love doing.

Step 3: Find the right ‘exercise’ world for you.

Step 4: At first set beginner goals.

Step 5: Learn how to challenge yourself with movement.

Step 6: Live with the perspective that 'your life is better when you have movement it in'.

Step 7: Always look to growth with exercise/movement. 

On the latest episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I have an interview with Dr Laura Pfeifer. Laura is passionate about broadening the role of a medical professional - to give their clients the tools and support to maintain a healthy lifestyle (and stay away from avoidable medical conditions).

In our interview she shares many great thoughts on how we can lead a healthier life. 

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On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I cover three different areas: 

  1. I dig deeper into the work that we did on the last episode, where we looked at developing your character traits (both performance and moral).
  2. I then go into the value of having sport in your life and how it's something that we should all aim to participate in. 
  3. In the main section of the show I look at when is it not a good time to make big decisions in your life. I then look at how you can work through these times, so you can get to a place where you can make wise decisions. 

Go to for the show notes and to become a Patron. 


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With the Australian Cricket Team being caught ball tampering recently, sporting cheats has been a big topic of conversation. This is a topic that allows us to explore 'character traits' and how the can affect our lives. In this episode I explore a new way to look at character building and give a method that can help you develop yours. 

In this show I mention Jim Loehr's book The Only Way to Win, which you can get by clicking here

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Johann Hari is the author of 'Chasing the Scream' and more recently 'Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Cause of Depression - and the Unexpected Solutions'. 

In this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show Johann shares deep insights into the causes of depression and how we can move forward in this area. 

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This episode covers a few topics, these include: 

- What to do when you have given up on yourself. 

- How to change your focus when you are pulled away from what is really important. 

- Then in the main part of the show I dig into persistence, why it's important and how to become a person who is strong in this area. 



Bevan Lawson is a Mental Skills coach. On this episode Bevan shares how he works with his clients and what they work through to progress in this area. There's lots of good insight into how to improve your mental skills. 


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Johann Hari has recently released his new book, Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression - and the Unexpected Solutions. I feel this is one of the most important books of our time so on todays show I breakdown this book and share my thoughts on some of the insights in it. 

I highly recommend you get this book and share it with your world. 

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Richard Denniss is the Chief Economist at The Australia Institute. He is public policy commentator and the author of two great books, Affluenza and Curing Affluenza. On this episode Richard discusses what Affluenza is, how it effects the individual and society as a whole, and the actions we can take to avoid it. You can follow Richard on Twitter by clicking here.

You can get Curing Affluenza by clicking here. 

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On this episode I talk about a concept I came up with called The 3 Part Healthy Family. Our family is a big part of our life, unfortunately many families have struggles that create a harder life for everyone in them. Ideally our family should be a thing that makes our lives better. The 3 Part Healthy Family is a way to look at improving the dynamic of a family. 

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On this episode I have an interview with Eric Barker. He's the author of  Barking Up The Wrong Tree - The surprising science behind why everything you know about success is (mostly) wrong.

Eric shares many of the lessons from his great book. 

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Do you ever find yourself thinking 'here I am again' when you have failed at trying to create change in your life? For many people they experience this over and over again which teaches them that they can't trust themselves, that change is not possible. 

In this episode I talk about this idea and introduce a way where you can build trust in your life, so you can believe in yourself in the areas where you want to grow and actually create the change you desire. 

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Lately I have had three lessons in my life that I feel will help me in being content in how I live my life. On this episode I share these lessons with you. Hopefully these lessons can help you in being content. 

On this episode I sit down with Sean Barnes and Kieran Sutherland to talk about men's mental health. The conversation covers what you should do if your mental health is getting on top of you, how as a friend you can support those around you, and other insights into this important area.

If you worry about your health and aren't addressing the real areas you need to be working on in your life this show is for you. 

First of all I address how protecting yourself from the judgement of others may actually enable you to avoid the real work you need to be doing on yourself.

From there I talk about people who are healthy in their behaviours but they live in doubt and worry about their health. This is actually creating an unhealthy person so it's an area that needs to be worked on. 

Feel free to share the show with your world.

On this show I dig deep into two different topics. First of all I talk about how you should trust yourself when you are consistently using good tools in your life. Then I talk about how accountability can massively influence your choices when you put in at the right time in your thinking process. I think you will enjoy this one. 

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On this episode I look to the idea of 'living today based on insecure decisions from the past' and what is the cost of this on your life today. More importantly I address how you can move forward from this place. If you feel your past decisions are holding you back make sure you listen to my latest episode.

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Beth Rosen is a Registered Dietitian who focuses on a non-judgemental, non-diet approach to wellness by teaching a 'healthy is an inside job' approach. Her fresh approach allow people to look at their 'whole self' and develop tools to allow them to be a healthy person. On this episode we dig deep into this topic. 

You can check out Beth's website by clicking here: You can sign up for more information about her course by clicking here:

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When we are at our best we are often holding ourselves to high personal standards. There are many things that can let these standards slip, one of them can be the influence of others. On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I share an experience where a friend of mine was let down by a role model and how that had the potential to allow my friend to drop their standards, which would have come at a cost to what is important to keeping them in a good place. I also talk about how to avoid these situations in your life. 

In this episode I have an interview with the authors of 'The Brave Athlete - Calm the f*ck down and rise to the occasion' Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson.

They share many of the areas that athletes need to develop on the mental side of their game and the tools that help them progress. 

When we have times of struggle in our lives there can be destructive behaviours that come out. These can have a massive cost on our lives, on both a surface and deeper level. For some people these destructive behaviours can keep them in a negative place for the majority of their day to day life. If we know this is what we do we need to make this an area to work on. In this episode I dig deep into this topic and address the idea of 'minimising the damage' of your destructive times. 


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Most of us have limits in certain areas of our lives. If we could overcome them we could be open to actions that would have a massive impact on our path forward. In todays episode I talk about how we can 'fake it till we make it' in these areas by using tools that build experieneces that in turn build confidence. If you know you limit yourself this is for you. 

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Go to for this weeks show notes. 

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On this episode I have an interview from the past with the Author of The End of Overeating, David A Kessler MD. David served as commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration under presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. He is a pediatrician and has been the dean of the medical schools at Yale and the University of California, San Francisco. A graduate of Amherst College, the University of Chicago Law School, and Harvard Medical School. 

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Go to for the notes for this episode. 

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On this episode I have an interview with Jack Lesyk. Jack is a world leading sport psychologist. He is a past president of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. In our interview Jack shares his nine mental skills of successful athletes. These are build on top of The Performance Pyramid. He gives a great insight into what it takes to perform and how you go about approaching the mental side of it. You can check out Jack's website by going here:

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On this episode I dig into the idea of how protecting yourself from hurt in your life can actually end up hurting you more, and if you know you are doing this how can you move forward to free yourself in these areas. 

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In this episode I have John Young on the show. He was the first person with dwarfism to complete an Ironman. He is such an inspirational person. You can follow John on twitter by clicking here. 

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On this episode I dig deep into three topics, they include: Is being dishonest about yourself hurting your life?, How good are you at feeling uncomfortable?, and are you participating in life? I give my thoughts on all of these topics and challenge you to think about them in your life. 

Go to for the show notes for this episode. 

Recently I've released a 3 Free video series as a part of My 5k Dream. As a part of this I ask people what is their biggest fears around trying to run 5k. Some of the answers I have gotten back have opened me up to areas of struggle around exercise that I had never thought of in the past. On this episode I share some of the areas where I gained insight and my thoughts on these. 

On the show I mentioned, My 5k Dream. Go to to get my 3 Free Video Series. 

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On this show I dig into the topic of self-efficacy. It's an area that gives a lot of insight into how to create change in the areas where you may stay away from in your life. 


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Often we have areas of our lives that we are trying to improve on, so we develop a plan to improve in these areas. While this is a good idea it seems that there needs to be a deeper level of thinking before we get to the planning stage, we need to understand what is the real problem we need to solve. On this episode I go deep into this topic and share some interesting experiences, that I have had recently, that have taught me a lot about this. 

On the show I mention my new product, My 5k Dream. Go to to download my free Cheat Sheet - The 7 Proven Steps for women between the ages of 35-55 to achieve the amazing goal of running 5k! 

When you think about your mind space, how much time do you feel you waste in your life on areas that aren't that important to you in the big picture? If you had a switch that could shut off 'wasted thinking time' in your life and would allow you to be free to use your mind energy in ways that were empowering for you and your world, how would this be different to your current experience? On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles show I dig deep into this topic and I give some tools that can help you move to a place where you are spending more your mind energy on the right areas for your life. 

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On this episode I share my thoughts on how we prioritise our life, dealing with change, and I challenge you to think about how you can allow others to be themselves when they are around you. 

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If you have listened to The Bevan James Eyles show for a while you will know that I have a mentor that has always been a massive influence in my life. This man is Chris Waugh. Chris is a leading school teacher who has developed some amazing ways to help teenages achieve levels that many didn't think were possible. On this episode I talk to Chris about how to get the most out of people.

You can check his website here:

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Being the beginning of the year we often think about the change that we want to create but for most people this change never comes. I thought I would put a challenge on this episode that you can focus on for the first month of this year, which could set you on the right path for the rest of 2017. Check it out and let me know how you go. 

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In this episode I replay one of the first topics I did on the show years ago. I also share my thoughts on humanity and I give a tip that I learnt when I was taking someone through a running session the other day. 

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Do you have people in your life who seem to put up resistance whenever you are trying to grow? These people can have a massive influence on your success and how you perceive yourself. On the latest episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show I talk about the concept of 'Protective Resistance' - how it can work against you and how you can deal with it so you can continue to grow in your life. 



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Matt Fitzgerald is one of the world leading thinkers on endurance sport. He's written over 20 books on topics about training, nutrition and the mental side of being a successful athlete. On this episode Matt and I talk about his book 'How bad do you want it? - Mastering the psychology of mind over muscle'. It's a great book that tells amazing athletic stories that teach us about how to get the most out of the mind. Click here to get the book. You can also see all of Matt's work at his website:

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Chris Hauth is the current Age Group Ironman World Champion, a former Olympic Swimmer and has been a top endurance coach for well over 2 decades. In addition to triathletes, Chris has coached Western States top finishers, Ultraman winners and plenty of swimmers towards age group nationals and Olympic Trials. On this episode of The Bevan James Eyles Show Chris shares many insights in how to get the best out of yourself and of others. 

You can check out Chris' website here:

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On this episode I cover where the fitness industry is going and my concerns around this. I also cover the idea of 20% time around your growth and how this can allow you to have the time to grow. Lastly I ask a hard question around 'being you'. 

Go to 

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If we are trying to create change it's important that we allow ourselves to own our 'wins' along the way. Unfortunately many people don't allow themselves to have their 'wins'. This may be because they feel the need to be hard on themselves to achieve, it might be because they still feel they have a long way to go, or it could be that they have never felt good about themselves. This rejection of your 'wins' actually works against you achieving the change you desire. On this episode I dig deep into this topic and offer a tool that shows you how you are allowed to own your 'wins' which increases your chance of sustainable success. 

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On this episode I introduce the concept of 'Silver Bullets' and how they come with a massive cost to our health and stress. I also share some insights from a race that I put on and completed last weekend. 

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I read an interesting article from Marshall Goldsmith about beliefs that sabotage your success, click here to read it. On this episode I share my thoughts on each of the points and what we can do to overcome them in creating the change we desire. 

You can get Marshall Goldsmith's book Triggers here

Anders Ericsson Ph.D., is the world's reigning expert on expertise, a Conradi Eminent Scholar, and professor of psychology at Florida State University. He studies expert performance in domains such as music, chess, medicine, and sports. His groundbreaking work has been widely cited in major newspapers, magazines, and such bestsellers as Moonwalking with EinsteinOutliers, and How Children Succeed. His research was the inspiration for the popular "10,000-hour rule," and he has worked with major international organizations, medical schools, military groups, and professional sports teams. 

On this episode Anders shares some amazing insight into how we can improve how we grow. Click here to get his book 'Peak' from AmazonClick here to go to the website for the book

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Krista Scott-Dixon is a former university researcher and teacher in the field of gender, work, and public health, Dr. Scott-Dixon now serves as the research director for the Healthy Food Bank foundation and the editor-in-chief of Spezzatino magazine. She also works for Precision Nutrition and runs

On this episode Krista shares how she helps people create change in their lives. You can follow Krista on Facebook by clicking here

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On this episode I cover a few different topics. These include: how do you be your true self, how the way you rewards yourself can work against you, and how to get more satisfaction in your life. Plus I answer some email questions. 

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