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When many people experience stress, they often resort to negative places or actions.


This means their response to stress has a detrimental impact on their lives.


Even though they might be aware of this, they continue to go to these places.


I refer to this as going to a 'familiar' place.


Here's how it works:

1. I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and vulnerable.

2. I need to get away from this place within myself.

3. I go to a familiar place or engage in a familiar action to escape.


The problem is, if your 'familiar' place has a negative impact, you'll end up facing even more stress.

If this sounds like you, something needs to change.


I believe that nearly all of us need 'familiar' places in our lives; it's part of being human.


However, we need to develop ones that help us positively through tough times.


In this week’s podcast, I break down how familiar places work and how you can develop positive ones in your life.



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