The Bevan James Eyles Show - The Fitness Behaviour Podcast

Do you find that your mindset works against you in life?

Does this make your life harder?

This week, I am sharing five powerful mindset tools that I use to keep my head in a healthy place.

If you need to work on your mindset, watch this video

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Are you dedicated to your exercise routine but not seeing the results you want?

It can be incredibly frustrating to put in the effort without seeing progress.

This week's video uncovers one of the main reasons this happens.

If you're not getting the results you expect, be sure to watch this video.

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When many people experience stress, they often resort to negative places or actions.


This means their response to stress has a detrimental impact on their lives.


Even though they might be aware of this, they continue to go to these places.


I refer to this as going to a 'familiar' place.


Here's how it works:

1. I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and vulnerable.

2. I need to get away from this place within myself.

3. I go to a familiar place or engage in a familiar action to escape.


The problem is, if your 'familiar' place has a negative impact, you'll end up facing even more stress.

If this sounds like you, something needs to change.


I believe that nearly all of us need 'familiar' places in our lives; it's part of being human.


However, we need to develop ones that help us positively through tough times.


In this week’s podcast, I break down how familiar places work and how you can develop positive ones in your life.



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Do you have a character strength that has been important to your moments of success?

You may see it as a part of your identity.

Here’s an interesting question:

Does this character strength restrict your achievements?

For some people, it does.

This week, I share the story of a person I was mentoring who was never achieving their ultimate goal because of their biggest character strength.

I also share how we identified this and what we did to help her achieve a goal she had been dreaming of for years.

Listen to this if you feel you are doing the work but aren’t achieving your goals.

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Do you self-identify as sometimes lazy and unmotivated with exercise?


I often hear people that struggle with exercise describe themselves in this way.


One of the main reasons they are dissatisfied with their health and fitness is because they struggle with motivation.


This means they never create change and continue heading in the wrong direction.


To me, motivation should be one of the key focuses when you are aiming to bring regular exercise into your life.


There’s a strategy that I used called ‘motivation stacking’. It’s a powerful strategy that gets you to a place where you are ‘fired up’ to exercise and keep turning up...which means you get to the place where you are proud of your fitness.


If you feel lazy and unmotivated, make sure you watch this video to learn how ‘motivation stacking’ can help up your fitness.

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