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There’s a money management rule that everyone should apply in their lives if they want to have a successful financial future.

It’s called ‘pay yourself first’.

This simple rule says that you should aim to put the first payment from your pay into your long-term investing.

People who follow this rule tend to end up in an amazing place with their finances.

Recently, I was thinking about this rule and how we should apply it to our ‘self-development’ time.

Imagine if you were to commit to the ‘pay myself my development time first’ rule in your life.

Do you think you’d be growing and building the life you love and desire?

In this week’s video, I break down this concept and how you can apply it to your life.

If you feel you need more development time for yourself, this video is for you.

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Last weekend, I took on a physical challenge that I failed at.


It’s a challenge that I want to conquer, but I’m not sure if I can beat it—it’s that hard.


But because I love a challenge, I’m going to attempt it again.


So, I thought I’d share how I’ll approach taking on a challenge where there’s a huge amount of doubt.


If you sometimes shy away from challenging times or want to face big ones in your life, watch this video.

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Like most, I experience moments of insecurity…


These moments can lead to feeling consumed by my thoughts.


I have a tool that helps me quickly overcome this.


This week, I'm sharing this tool with you.


If you experience moments of insecurity, check out this video.

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Are you a good team member? 


Being in a team is a part of life.


Work teams, sport teams, your team of friends, and so on…


There are people who enhance the team, that takes the team to a higher place. 


Then there are those who restrict the team, sometimes in really negative ways.


This week I share a story that taught me about how to be a better team member and the 3 principles I uphold when I’m in that environment.


Listen to this video if you want to be a person that is a valued member within the teams you are in.  

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