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This week, one of our runners came up to me for some weight-loss advice.

During our discussion, I asked the question “Why do you think you are overweight?”.


It was obvious that they hadn’t thought about this question as they didn’t have an answer.


They looked a bit lost.


I suggested that they have to think about this and find a possible answer or answers, because it’s important to figure out the real problem/s lying behind this issue for them that may need to be solved.


A lot of people think a weight-loss journey is solely about food and exercise.

While these 2 things are important, there are often (and not always obvious) bigger problems to solve, and if you get on top of these you have a higher chance of success.


In this week’s video, I share why this is an important question to explore before you start a weight-loss journey and the steps you can take which will help set you on the right path.

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