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In my book, "I Will Make You Passionate About Exercise," I introduce the concept of four different types of exercisers.


They are:

  • The Non-Exerciser: This person has no exercise routine.
  • The Yo-Yo Exerciser: This person comes and goes from exercise
  • The Habit Exerciser: This person has a good routine that they know they can maintain, but sometimes aren’t achieving their desired change
  • The Thriving Exerciser: This person is in a place where they are growing and experiencing all the amazing benefits that come from regular exercise

Which one are you?


(If you are a Non-Exerciser or a Yo-Yo Exerciser, it’s worth getting my book which will give you a plan for how to become a Habit and eventually even a Thriving exerciser).


Recently, I realized there is a fifth type of exerciser, the highest level of all.


This is a level that not many can reach, but if you do, you'll become a legend with exercise.


In this week’s video, I reveal the fifth type of exerciser. Maybe it’s a level that you can aim for.

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