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Before I start, I just want to let you know that all of our running groups are starting on the 3rd of July. We have our beginner 5km group, our 10km group, and our winter half marathon group starting.

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A while I ago, I was talking to a recovered alcoholic and they said something to me that blew my mind away.


They said…


‘Even though I haven’t had a drink in over 20 years I think about having one every day of my life’.


This was quite a different experience to my own journey with alcohol. When I gave up 25 years ago, I never thought about drinking it again.


There’s a difference between me and him…


I was a bad drunk, he’s an alcoholic.


I asked him how he had been successful in keeping drinking away, when every day, he was confronted with this thought.


He shared a powerful technique/tool that he uses.

When I learnt this tool, I thought, ‘this tool can be used in so many areas of life’.

So today, I’m going to share this tool with you that you can use when you have thoughts are pushing you towards actions you are trying to stay away from. This can help you stay on a better path.

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