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Unfortunately, I hurt by back last week.

It’s the kind of the injury that can take quite a bit of time to come right, so I have a journey in front of me.

This can be a scary time for someone who loves fitness and has a career in it.

Luckily I’ve learnt how to managed times like these so…

  • I can get back to normal as quickly as possible

  • I can manage the emotional side of dealing with this injury

  • I can use it as an opportunity to develop other areas of my life

There’s also another area that I think is key at this time…

‘Do as little damage as possible while I work through this’.

I’m not talking about the injury here, I’m talking about not allowing myself to take a step backwards in these other areas:

  • My mental health

  • Weight gain

  • Feeling disconnected

The aim during this time is to also look after these areas too so when I’m recovered I can get back to the fit and active version of myself I like to be as soon as possible.  

​​​​​​​In this week’s video I share how I approach times like these and what strategies I use to do ‘as little damage as possible’.

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