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Do you know what one of the main reasons is as to why people quit when they are trying to achieve something?

It’s because they don’t feel they are making progress.

It makes sense, if you are putting the effort in but you aren’t seeing the results you want, it becomes less appealing to stick at it.  


I think that one of the biggest problems that works against people is…


They are blind to their progress. They are doing well but they just don’t see it.

A great example of this was with one of our runners this week. They were feeling despondent with their running because they felt they weren’t making progress.

When I got them to look at their running stats, it turned out they had just run a 5km personal best.


If you want to have stickability in achieving a goal, you must become great at seeing and owning your own success.

In this week’s video
, I share 4 ways you can become better at owning and enjoying your success, so you keep on your path to the growth you want.

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