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As someone who helps people achieve fitness goals, there’s often a moment I see which leads to people moving backwards in their progress.

They have…

  • Started a fitness goal
  • Achieved the goal they desired
  • Experienced amazing physical and mental benefits

At this point, if you ask these people if they want to maintain the progress they have made, 100% of them would say ‘yes’.

But unfortunately, many of them make decisions that lead to them going backwards…and often it’s to the place where they were before they started their journey.

We often see this in difference scenarios such as:

  • Weight loss - we often hear of people who have lost weight only to put it straight back on
  • Fitness – where someone has been successful with exercise only to fall away from it and reverting back to being unfit and inactive

While there are a few reasons why this happens, one of the biggest reasons is…

Once they achieve their goal, they pull away from the things that made them successful.

This is often because they think they can ‘do it by themselves’, or they move away from the investment of time and money that it took for them to achieve their initial goal.

If you want to maintain, and even progress further, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to pull away from the things that make you successful.

In this week’s video, I help you identify how you can become more aware of what you need to keep in place once you get to your ‘success point’ so you can maintain and even go further with the gains you have made.

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