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A few years ago I did an interview with one of the greatest triathletes of all time, a guy by the name of Peter Reid.

This 3 x world Ironman champion was known to be…

  • An extremely tough athlete
  • Driven to do whatever it took to win
  • Able to endure ‘hurt’ more than other high-level athletes

In this interview, he talked about his driving motivation which was…

To prove to his father that he was worth something.

Peter talked about what motivated him but his insight was more about how his motivation was unhealthy for him.

He also shared an amazing moment where he lost all of his athletic motivation…

It was when his father sent him a letter telling him he was proud of him.

This interview opened up the idea of questioning if the motivation we have is healthy, because sometimes what we are chasing isn’t good for us.

In this week’s video, I share Peter’s story and explore the idea of questioning if your motivation is good or bad for you and what you can do if it’s working against you.

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