The Bevan James Eyles Show - The Fitness Behaviour Podcast

Do you have areas in your life where you may limit your experiences because you feel insecure?

You might...

  • Sit on the side-line wishing you could participate

  • Resist from trying new things in a particular area of your life

  • Deep down know you want to have experiences but don’t allow yourself because of an insecurity

If you do, you aren’t alone.

There’s a life that you want to reach for but your insecurity slaps your hand away.

We want to develop these areas so we allow ourselves to move towards growth.


  • You actually do have new experiences

  • You may learn that you are not as bad as you think in an area you felt insecure in

  • You have a life that is filled with experiences that you enjoy

In this week’s podcast, I share two strategies you can use if you feel you are holding yourself back from the experiences you know you want to move towards.